The Mercantile
We value locally made and US made goods and strive to source products that others do not carry. Our intent is to provide shoppers with the DIY resources to help them – help themselves. In our shop you’ll find artisan goods, food storage, beekeeping, gardening supplies, locally crafted wooden spoons, stoneware, and much much more. We want your experience to be about more than just shopping. We want visitors to be able to pick cabbages out in the garden, take a class on making sauerkraut up in the learning kitchen, and put it all together in a handmade crock from the mercantile! Come in and visit and watch the changes happening now!

3rd Horse Craft Beverage Supply
We’re happy to tout ourselves as being the region’s local home brew and wine supply shop! Stop in to fill all of your craft beverage supply needs. (Click Here for The story of the 3rd Horse)

Saturday Auctions
Every Saturday we host an auction at noon featuring a wide array of goods from tools to household amenities. You’ll never know what kind of deal you’ll find!

The story of the 3rd Horse
On the eve of the 20th Century, the sons of Christian Moser, raised and sold cattle and felled the woods of Indiana to clear fields for planting. Charlie Moser’s job was to haul the wood to Mishawaka in the St. Joseph Valley - to both Dodge Manufacturing and Kamm’s Brewery. On his return trip he would haul back barrels of beer for the tavern owners of Woodland and Wyatt. At that time, State Road #331 was a muddy track. Going down the hill was easy - coming back was not. Charlie brought a third horse named Jack to haul the load back up. Without that third horse there would be no beer. Hurray for Jack!